In front of the harbour of Gaios is the islet of Agios Nikolaos, which covers approximately 150 acres and rises to a height of about 45 metres atop of which sits the castle built in 1423 after permission was given by the Venetians to Adam II San Hippolyte in order to protect the inhabitants from the pirate attacks. The main gate was located on the south-eastern side of the island. After the 1810 revolt, the French relocated the gate to the north-western side where it is still found today. They also modified the interior of the castle, constructing ramps in order to mount canons on the walls. Its present condition is excellent. Preserved in a good condition is the Venetian reservoir, slightly damaged by the British, the powder magazine, the observatory called Gourdiola, the barracks, sadly lacking a roof and the canons in the bastions.


The islet was planted with trees in 1930 following the initiative of Nikos Boikos (Bitsitsi), by students of the time and today constitutes a beautiful natural landscape which is protected by the state after a struggle long by the locals. At present permission is required from the municipal authorities to visit due to the danger of fire in the pine forest. A program of improvements to the island and the castle has already begun, including the clearing of trees and thickets, the installation of a fire safety system and maintainance and repair of the castle so that it is accessible for all to enjoy the natural beauty and splendid views as well as discovering a place that played a central part in the history of Paxos.



Paxos Tourist Guide 2015
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