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Carnayo Restaurant

Welcome to Carnayo!
A short stroll along the main road from Gaios square, Paxos is where you will find Carnayo Meet and Eat, Restaurant, Bar and Catering.

Situated amongst olive trees, the restaurant is built is a traditional style of local stone and wood with a charming garden full of flowers and herbs, it offers the perfect place to relax and enjoy the hospitality of Spyros and his team.

Spyros is originally from Paxos, he studied in numerous European countries and has brought his wealth of knowledge and experience back to Paxos.

Offering a wide selection of dishes based on traditional recipes that he has adapted, all prepared using the freshest ingredients, many of which originate from the Carnayo garden.

The menu also features a number of local specialities from both Corfu and Paxos such as Sofrito, Pastitasada and Boudeto to name just a few.

Sea-food dishes are plentiful together with pasta, risotto and hand-made pizza.

Our restaurant's cellar is stocked with some delicious Greek wines and we're always happy to make recommendations.

On Saturday nights please 'step into our kitchen' and try a selection of traditional dishes of the season, a fantastic way of being able to discover some new flavours and maybe a new favourite dish.

Our bar is open if you would like to enjoy a cocktail and we offer a good selection of spirits.

Do come and visit to experience first hand genuine hospitality, fine food and drinks and a first class experience.

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