Like all the other Ionain islands which have their own emblem, Paxi has its own, the trident. It is said that the god Poseidon, the sovereign of the seas, wishing to create a beautiful, peaceful island, far from the other gods and people, with a view to live there with his lover Amphitrite, struck his trident with force into the sea to the south of Corfu and Paxi took shape. With the blow he, however, lost his trident. This was found later by the inhabitants of Paxi, who made it their emblem.


It is still said that Poseidon, sometimes tired of going from Lefkada to Corfu, if you decide to make a stopping place between the two islands. Striking his trident hard into the sea, the island of Paxi appeared like a fabulous sea monster from the depths of the sea. Here dolphins, seals, gulls and other seabirds gathered and filled the place with life. He placed his trident atop the highest peak of the island, at the tower of Agios Isauros, 250 m above the sea, as a mark of his divine residence. Much later, a few shepherds gathered together and from this core the population of the island grew.


[From the out of print book “Paxi, History, Folklore, Tradition” by Giannis Doikas].



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